2010 Mar 23

Kate Winslet: “I’ve had my heart broken”

She’s currently dealing with the somber fact that her marriage has fallen apart, and Kate Winslet fittingly spoke with press prior to the divorce announcement about dealing with heartbreak.

“I’m no stranger to heartbreak or rejection,” she told OK! magazine. “I’ve always been quite emotional, but when something like that happens, you have to find a way to move on.”

Splitting from Sam Mendes, her husband of seven years, Miss Winslet continued, “I went through that as a teenager. I was always falling for the wrong guy, or I was the girl who never got the guy.”

Meanwhile, insiders tell that Kate and Sam used to fight about their career paths, with a source dishing, “Sam told friends Kate would talk about the film the moment they woke up, and it was overbearing. They went stir-crazy and argued more than ever. Kate told Sam, ‘Your career is not more important than mine.'”

Source: GossipCenter.com

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  1. If she actually said that…. she probably meant that their careers are both equally important, his career shouldn’t overtake her own and vice versa.

  2. THAT’S MY GIRL.. but this interview was before right????? she hasn’t spoke with the press yet..

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