2012 Feb 07

Winslet always happy to help charities because they helped her

Kate Winslet has a personal connection to charitable causes — because her family had to fall back on the generosity of others after her father “lost his foot” in an accident.

The Titanic star gives a large portion of her film wages to her chosen causes and reveals it’s something she has always felt compelled to do after being on the other side of hand-outs as a child.

She tells Ladies’ Home Journal magazine, “My father… lost his foot in an accident when I was young.

“It was awful, it caused all sorts of problems, both physically and psychologically — and for a while my family was supported by a charitable trust. So I understand on a very personal level what a charitable organization can do.”

Source: Contactmusic

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  1. K. W. You are awesome…. If other actors could be like this, then I think the world will be a better place to be… That is good of you. Keep up the good work…. I love you

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