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New film project: “Which Brings Me to You”

Apparently Kate has signed to play the role of Jane in Which Brings Me To You, the new project from director Susanne Bier! The beautiful English actress will be accompanied by Bradley Cooper in the role of Will, and the talented Natalie Portman. The film is adapted from the novel of the same name.

Summary: two romantic burnouts meet at a wedding and almost consummate their lust before putting the brakes on. They agree to exchange candid confessions about their pasts on the off chance that this might be the real thing.

25 Comments on “New film project: “Which Brings Me to You”

  1. Honestly,I don’t know what my thoughts are on it yet,it hasn’t been confirmed. What do you think of the concept of the film ? Anyone read the book ?

  2. I heard the book has a very silly concept, I looked it up in some book reviews and it seems it actually is a stupid story… Why is she taking this? I hop she pulls out! TAKE ANOTHER OSCAR WORTHY ROLE, I NEED TO SEE HER NOMINATED AGAIN!

  3. I don’t like this project… it does sound kind of bad to be honest and Bradley Cooper attached?? Although Susanne Bier is talented…maybe she’ll do something interesting with the book. And maybe Kate needs to do a lighter film especially given her circumstances, I don’t blame her!

  4. The reviews weren’t bad though,quite favourable actually except one article did say it was all just a prelude to sex.

  5. Please Kate please do something good and oscar worthy! I NEED TO SEE ANOTHER NOMINATION:P

  6. Why do you care so much about the nomination ? The merit of a film shouldn’t be measured by how much awards recognition ti received,some of the greater ones are left out in the dark.

  7. I know:p hahaha But I want a nomination to prove my brother wrong who keeps saying she wont get any oscar nomination after her win ever again:P

    I actually care about a film being good and I just kinda hopes she would do something good and this movie doesnt sound anything good at all, but I guess I just have to wait…

    btw did anyone else hear about the Magician’s wife rumors coming up again?

  8. i heard the magician’s wife rumors again..but it’s totally foolish,because this project died before(2003)
    kate have two new movie project in development now
    which bring me to you(WBMTY) and contagion..this two movie are not my type movie..i have to wait a lot for see her turn for my taste.
    i read WBMTY,and can say this subject is really silly and rubbish..but this is a susanne bier movie and she is talented maybe her touching will be good.don’t know.
    and in contagion she play a doctor,have a small part because this movie is an ensemble piece and i read plot details.sound is good for male’s role(especially jude law’s)..

  9. Well Access Hollywood were saying this was her next role when nobody else was,they also mentioned the Magician’s Wife in the same article so who knows it may resurface.

  10. Well then let’s hope it’s fake. I don’t want kate to become one of those actresses who take shitty movies after they win an Oscar. I can’t wait for Mildred Pierce and Contagion though:)

  11. I dont rlly know..
    I just hope it’s good..
    and also.
    yea Mike is right.
    I hope she doesn’t end up taking shitty ass roles..
    b/c that would suck ass!!
    I fcking love her and that would be a shame..
    She’s is very talented!!!

  12. @Mike: She’s doing Mildred Pierce! That project is far from shitty. It’s okay if she does comedies though, she did do The Holiday after all which is a commercial type chick flick movie. Even though she’s mostly a dramatic actress she shouldn’t be expected to always choose roles that are Oscar worthy. Sometimes she probably needs a break from tough shoots, especially after filming both The Reader and Revolutionary Road in the same year! She probably feels like taking a ‘lighter’ role hehe.

  13. I never said Mildred Pierce was shitty. I said I CAN’T WAIT for MD and Contagion! I think those are good roles, I just hate that she took WBMTY, cause it doesnt sound like a good role at all, but it’s ok, as long as I get a greta drama movie after that(no more suburb roles like Little Children please) LOL

  14. Who’s to say it isn’t a dramatic role ? It may not be all fluff,Kate always chooses challenging,strong role so there’s no reason to doubt that this isn’t. I can’t find the article but the NY Times was reporting she had a project the Map of Love” lined up. Anyone have info on this project ?

  15. Hey there! well I think that Kate is really smart and she chooses her roles very well… I’m with Emma, she needs a break from RR and The Reader, those where really difficult for her, and after all the spliting thing, she needs some relax movies.. that’s my opinion.. :D but obviously she’s gonna get drama roles sooner or later

  16. I haven’t heard anything about “The Map of Love” but if it’s a novel(which I looked it up) it may be great, cause the story sounds realy interesting

  17. Thanks Will,maybe she’ll pick a challenging role albeit one that isn’t so physically and emotionally draining as RR & the Reader were.

  18. a character like Clementine wouldn’t be bad!!… that girl is really funny…I love the movie!!

  19. I have never seen a movie with Kate in it that wasn’t amazing. So I think it’s totally up to here whether she chooses a movie which is dramatic or just fun. I don’t even care if the story is lame actually. I just hope she is happy and I’m ok with anything she might choose, because she is the one that has to do the tough acting. I can honestly say that it ain’t that easy! And also I just love watching a Kate-movie:)

  20. looks good … especially because Kate is going to be with BRADLEY COOPER!!!
    he is very HOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. um hello people, dont diss the story if you havent even read the book! its very textured and well written and it will not be a “light” piece. i cant wait!

  22. Poor Kate. She’s doing what every pretty actress in her 30’s does: making vapid movies that show off her body and her looks, rather than her acting. I agree with what someone below said: we need to see her nominated again!

  23. @ Jen: I disagree. Of course I love seeing Kate in intriguing roles that might lead to an Oscar nomination, but I also like to see her in different roles as well. It’s not all about winning an Oscar. She’s already gotten hers, I’m sure there will be many more to come. :)

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