2011 Mar 26

Winslet gifted with curse-laden memento from “Mildred Pierce” shoot

Kate Winslet has a unique gift to remember her time on the set of TV mini-series Mildred Pierce — a gag reel filled with the actress’ expletive-laden outtakes.

The Titanic star plays the title role in the upcoming 1930s drama, about a young mother who opens up a bakery to earn some extra cash.

But Winslet struggled to keep in character throughout the shoot and would often let slip a few curse words, so producers decided to gather up all of the rude bloopers and presented Winslet with the complete collection when filming wrapped.

The Oscar winner was keen to show off the footage, but she soon realized it wasn’t quite so suitable to screen to her kids, Mia, 10, and Joe, seven.

Speaking on US talk show The View on Friday, Winslet says, “To have this was so much fun and I thought, ‘Oh, well I can show the children.’ So we sat down and I said, ‘Guys, guys this is really exciting, it’s all the silly bits, when mistakes happen.’ So we put it on. Three seconds later I was like, ‘Off! We’ll watch that when you’re 18.'”

Source: Yahoo! News UK