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Kate Winslet Recalls Being Bullied as a Child Over Her Looks, Shares Inspiring Body Image Message for Young Girls

Kate Winslet has long spoken about dealing with mean kids at school and hopes to use her experience and fame to help young girls maintain a positive body image.

The 40-year-old actress, who rose to fame with Titanic and recently starred in the film Steve Jobs, was bullied as a child over her looks, namely her weight.

“I was teased for how I looked,” Winslet told CBS Sunday Morning in an interview set to air this weekend. “In part, yeah, because I was quite stocky as a child. And was very much teased for that.”

Winslet had also talked about her experience being bullied over her looks and weight before. In a 2006 interview with Parade, she revealed her classmates called her “Blubber.” She also told Marie Claire U.K. in 2009 she was “bullied for being chubby.” Earlier this year, she recalled during an appearance on Running Wild with Bear Grylls how she confronted one of her “particularly horrible” childhood bullies as an adult.

“She was working on a beauty counter in a department store,” Winslet said. “I went up to her and said, ‘I want to thank you for being such a bitch because it made me a lot stronger.'”

Now an Oscar-winning actress who graces the covers of magazines and stuns at award shows and celebrity events, Winslet is considered by many to be a prime example of Hollywood beauty. But she doesn’t want young girls to get the wrong idea about it.

“You know, we walk down red carpets. You know, it’s part of the job,” she told CBS Sunday Morning. “But I think I feel very strongly that it’s important to also say to young girls that we don’t look like that all the time.”


HBO slated to shoot movie at the Woolworth mansion in Glen Cove

Hollywood is coming to Glen Cove.

HBO is set to film interior shots for its upcoming five-hour miniseries Mildred Pierce at the Woolworth mansion starting on Friday.

According to HBO’s Publicity Office, the movie is the “epic story of a proud, single mother struggling to earn her daughter’s love during the Great Depression in middle-class Los Angeles.”

The film stars Kate Winslet, Guy Pearce, Evan Rachel Wood and Melissa Leo, among other notable faces. The miniseries is based on the novel penned by James M. Cain.

City officials said no traffic routes will be altered or closed because all filming will be interior shots and will take place on private property. Unfortunately, HBO representatives said, there will be no filming for the public to watch because it is indoors.

The mansion, also known as Winfield Hall, sits on 16.5-acres of land on Crescent Beach Road. It is currently owned by Martin Carey, the brother of former New York governor Hugh Carey.

The house was originally built in 1916 for businessman Franklin Winfield Woolworth, founder of the F.W. Woolworth Company, which is now the retailer Foot Locker.

More “Mildred Pierce” cast details

HBO’s miniseries adaptation of Mildred Pierce has added several actors, including True Blood‘s Evan Rachel Wood, Guy Pearce and Oscar nominee Melissa Leo.

Brian F. O’Byrne (FlashForward) and James LeGros have also joined the project, which will star Kate Winslet. The adaptation of James M. Cain’s novel follows the title character (Winslet) as she attempts to make a better life for herself and win the love of her ungrateful daughter in Depression-era Los Angeles.

Wood, who next stars in the Robert Redford-directed The Conspirator, will play Mildred’s daughter Veda — which will require her to play younger, Winslet to play older, or both, as in real life Wood is only 12 years younger than Winslet.

Pearce (Memento, The Hurt Locker) will play Mildred’s wealthy lover, while Leo (Frozen River, Treme) will play her close friend. O’Byrne will be the husband Mildred leaves behind, and LeGros (Mercy) will play Pearce‘s business partner.

Todd Haynes (I’m Not There, Far from Heaven) will direct the miniseries and is co-writing it with Jon Raymond. Filming is set to start in the spring.

Source: Zap2it

Kate Winslet has been preparing for her role as Mildred Pierce

Kate Winslet told me she has been getting her hands dirty as she prepares to play Mildred Pierce, based strictly on the James M. Cain novel rather than the Joan Crawford movie version.

‘When you first see Mildred, she’s working in a restaurant kitchen, baking chicken pies. Then she does this for herself and runs her own business. I’ve been plucking chickens and preparing them for the pies,’ the Oscar-winning actress told me at an Orange BAFTA party hosted by Lancôme and Harper’s Bazaar at the St. Martins Lane Hotel.

‘I love doing it!’ Kate told me as she demonstrated with her hands exactly what she did to those poor old chickens.

‘It was the Depression,’ Kate explained. ‘People had to live – and eat.’

Guy Pearce and Evan Rachel Wood will also be in the drama, which Todd Haynes will direct for America’s HBO TV.

Before shooting (and baking) begins, Kate’s heading to LA for the Oscars on March 7, where she will be a major presenter.

Source: DailyMail.co.uk

Kate Winslet To Appear In Lancôme’s Two Other Ad Campaigns

Kate Winslet is expanding her commitment to Lancôme. The 33-year-old actress has now been asked to appear in advertisements of the brand’s Rénergie skin care and L’Absolu Rouge makeup lines.

The Oscar winning actress is currently the spokesmodel for their Trésor perfume,

There is no information on who will shoot the ads but legendary fashion photographer, Peter Lindbergh shot her in the recent Tresor campaign.

These new campaigns will launch in the U.S. in July and in Asia in September and for rest of the world in 2010. The Revolutionary Road actress has been working with the French beauty brand since 2007.

Source: AHN

Kate Winslet as Mildred Pierce?

Sometimes a rumor is too good to wait for official confirmation. Our friend Richard Crawford tells me today that Todd Haynes is adapting James M. Cain’s Mildred Pierce as a long-form television mini-series. That much we might have known if we ever read Michael Musto’s blog, because he teased about it last October. Musto suggested that this would make another great Todd Haynes showcase for Julianne Moore. Reasonable assumption, but a bit predictable.

The new development we’re hearing today is that the producers might be looking at Kate Winslet to star as Mildred Pierce with Dakota Fanning as her belligerent and contemptuous daughter, Veda. The 1945 original, of course, was directed by Michael Curtiz and was nominated for six Oscars. Three plume roles garnered noms for Joan Crawford as Mildred, Ann Blyth as Veda, and Eve Arden as the best friend Ida. (The evening of Crawford’s Oscar win was the centerpiece of another smothering mothering movie, Mommie Dearest, 36 years later.)

Mildred, Veda and Ida. Kate Winslet, Dakota Fanning and… Patricia Clarkson? That last name is wishful thinking, but even if the first two turn out to be solid, this project is shaping up to be a terrific TV event. Mmm… Noir Gardens.

Source: Awards Daily

Kate Winslet defends right to cry

Oscar winner Kate Winslet has defended her right to cry when accepting film awards.

Kate Winslet has said she ‘doesn’t care’ about the criticism she has received in the press for being over-emotional when accepting awards. Though she was tear-free when she collected the Best Actress award at Sunday’s Oscars she was criticised heavily for crying earlier this year when collecting the same honour at the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards but she’s insisted she has no plans to change. “I really don’t care and quite frankly, I’m sad that my country can’t be pleased with the successes of their own kind, as the US does,” she told the Daily Telegraph. “I got through it, I didn’t blub, I remembered everybody and hopefully the Brits won’t be able to be mean to me.”

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