2009 May 15

Kate Winslet as Mildred Pierce?

Sometimes a rumor is too good to wait for official confirmation. Our friend Richard Crawford tells me today that Todd Haynes is adapting James M. Cain’s Mildred Pierce as a long-form television mini-series. That much we might have known if we ever read Michael Musto’s blog, because he teased about it last October. Musto suggested that this would make another great Todd Haynes showcase for Julianne Moore. Reasonable assumption, but a bit predictable.

The new development we’re hearing today is that the producers might be looking at Kate Winslet to star as Mildred Pierce with Dakota Fanning as her belligerent and contemptuous daughter, Veda. The 1945 original, of course, was directed by Michael Curtiz and was nominated for six Oscars. Three plume roles garnered noms for Joan Crawford as Mildred, Ann Blyth as Veda, and Eve Arden as the best friend Ida. (The evening of Crawford’s Oscar win was the centerpiece of another smothering mothering movie, Mommie Dearest, 36 years later.)

Mildred, Veda and Ida. Kate Winslet, Dakota Fanning and… Patricia Clarkson? That last name is wishful thinking, but even if the first two turn out to be solid, this project is shaping up to be a terrific TV event. Mmm… Noir Gardens.

Source: Awards Daily

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