2009 Feb 23

Kate Winslet defends right to cry

Oscar winner Kate Winslet has defended her right to cry when accepting film awards.

Kate Winslet has said she ‘doesn’t care’ about the criticism she has received in the press for being over-emotional when accepting awards. Though she was tear-free when she collected the Best Actress award at Sunday’s Oscars she was criticised heavily for crying earlier this year when collecting the same honour at the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards but she’s insisted she has no plans to change. “I really don’t care and quite frankly, I’m sad that my country can’t be pleased with the successes of their own kind, as the US does,” she told the Daily Telegraph. “I got through it, I didn’t blub, I remembered everybody and hopefully the Brits won’t be able to be mean to me.”

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6 Comments on “Kate Winslet defends right to cry”

  1. I’m so thrilled Kate won an Oscar for her performance in “The Reader”. You knew she had a bad quality as a guard but yet you still wanted to sympathise with her. Great Performance, Bravo!

  2. I am so excited to see such a talented actress win the oscar for best actress this year. Kate your my favorite and so deserving, you finally made it. We adore you!!!

  3. I agree with Kate i am british and i think it is appaling how the british press have said such horrible things about her accepting awards in the past this year. No-one knows what it is like for kate to have been nominated 6 times and won nothing then it fianlly comes and she wins best actress for her performance in The Reader (which is outstanding) she must of been so happy on sunday winning an oscar but she couldnt show her emotion because of the things people have said about her. Well done for winning the oscar Kate. Youre what makes me proud to be british!! i think your amazing x

  4. I’ve been totally excited since last night. I am so happy for her. and her speech was lovely. she finally got her “shampoo-bottle” and that’s all that matters. way to go kate.

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