2009 Jan 12

Backstage Report: What Was Kate Winslet Packing in Her Purse?

Kate Winslet wins and reveals the joys of blotting papers. Laura Dern wins and revisits her 1980s-hair past.

Here’s a rundown of the night’s backstage doings—and sayings:

5:20 p.m.: “I feel surprised…I feel relieved. I’ve been nervous all day,” says Winslet, who still looks jittery. One’s first major Hollywood award ever after a bajillion nominations will do that to one, apparently, and to Winslet, specifically.

• When Winslet accepted her award, she opened her purse, revealing to the camera what appeared to be two pieces of paper. Were they two acceptance speeches, one for The Reader and one for Revolutionary Road, for which she’s up for Best Drama Actress? Has the award-deprived Winslet come fully armed tonight? Yes, in a way. In the makeup department.

“They were blotting papers,” Winslet tells me. “It wasn’t a second speech. No further expectations.”

• Blotting papers are papers used to, yes, blot. If you must know the nitty-gritty details, they’re used to blot residue from your face. If your oily face has never heard of them, you’ve got company. “Somebody told me about them tonight,” blotting-paper convert Winslet reports.

Source:  E! Online

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  1. What brand and shade of lipstick was Miss W wearing at the GG’s? It looked as fresh when she picked up her second award as it did at the beginning of the evening.

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