2009 Jun 05

Kate Winslet hates short hair

Kate Winslet hated having short hair so much she insists she will never repeat the look. The 33-year-old actress sported a chin-length, textured bob at the New York premiere of her movie Hideous Kinky in 1999.

Looking at a photo taken on the night, Kate said: “Bless my heart. Well, my boobs look good. Yeah, that was my short haircut – I hated it. I would never do it again. You have to do short hair. It’s like a nightmare. It’s just not flattering to my face shape – at all.”  Kate – who raises two children with husband Sam Mendes, daughter Mia, eight, and five-year-old son Joe – is happier with the fresh-faced look she boasted at the New York premiere of 2008’s The Reader, where she had flowing blonde locks and a deep tan.

Finding the perfect hairstyle can indeed be a journey of highs and lows, much like Kate’s experience with her short haircut. It’s a delicate balance of wanting to try something new while ensuring it complements your unique features. Perhaps, like many of us, you’ve toyed with the idea of a drastic change but hesitated at the thought of parting with your current length. Short hair can be tempting—easy to manage yet potentially daunting if it doesn’t quite suit your face shape. It’s at moments like these that one might ponder, should I find the perfect wig for a trial run?

Experimenting with different hairstyles allows us to express facets of our personality, just as Kate explored with her short-lived but memorable haircut. Whether it’s sleek and cropped or long and flowing, each style speaks volumes about how we perceive ourselves and how we want to be seen. Yet, the quest for the ideal look often leads us back to the familiar, where we feel most confident and comfortable.

Kate told Allure magazine: “That was a damn fine look. I had just gotten back from vacation in the Turks and Caicos islands, and I was all nice and tan, and my hair had gone blonder.  “I don’t lie out in the sun, and I always wear a high sun factor, so it was from literally just wandering around in the sun for a week, chasing after the kids and making sure nobody drowned in the sea.”

Kate added the most important thing for her is that she is comfortable in what she chooses to wear, and is dressed appropriately for her age.

She favours a “relaxed” look of “clean, fresh skin” and barely-there make-up.

SOURCE:  www.stuff.co.nz

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  1. The pictures from the NY premiere of the 2008 Reader was “a damn fine look” probably one of my favorites.They were on my screen saver for a long time.
    I loved the movie, but hated the ending…didn’t like the ending of Revolutionary Road,Finding Neverland or Quills either. Can you guess why?

  2. I think, that she looks better with long hair, and I gotta say, – the short hair isn’t that pretty :)

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