2011 Mar 09

Kate Winslet says Leonardo DiCaprio is her “rock”

Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet has said that her close friend Leonardo DiCaprio has been her “rock” over the years since they starred together as a romantic pair in blockbuster Titanic.

The 35-year-old star has praised DiCaprio for supporting her through her recent split from her husband Sam Mendes.

Winslet said that friendship between a man and a woman usually begins with a sexual undercurrent, but her and DiCaprio’s has always been platonic, based on mutual respect and shared experiences, reported Vogue magazine.

“He knows me better than anyone else in the world.
Lots of male friendships begin as a cheeky snog. Or a little undercurrent of flirtation. But Leo and I? No. He’s my rock. I don’t know what the fuck I would have done if I hadn’t had him,” said Winslet.

Besides the 1997 multiple Oscar-winning movie, the duo also paired up in 2008’s Revolutionary Road.

The 36-year-old actor believes the pair are so close because they have “grown up together” and always been there for each other.

“We literally grew up together. And in every major life event we”ve been there as a support mechanism for each other,” said DiCaprio.

Source: MSN India News

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