2011 May 14

Kate Winslet keen to maintain success

Kate Winslet has “set the bar” in her career and now she wants to work at maintaining it.

The Hollywood actress, who is renowned for her roles in movies such as Titanic and The Reader, doesn’t want to get complacent when it comes to her successful movie career.

The 35-year-old, who won an Oscar for her portrayal of Hanna Schmitz in 2008 movie The Reader, insists there’s always things left to accomplish.

“I set the bar, and the bar is how good my work is, so it’s still about working hard, reading and making sure I bring something to the character that is true and sincere,” she said in an interview with Total Film.

The blonde beauty — who has two children Mia, ten, and seven-year-old Joe — feels lucky that she is still a major player in the film industry.

Kate says despite her determined nature, she doesn’t encourage herself to continually “top” her previous achievements.

“I’m fortunate that I’m still being invited along for the ride by great people,” she explained. “Awards and nominations are extraordinary, but at the same time it would be a mistake to ever think, ‘Oh God, I’ve got to top that.'”

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3 Comments on “Kate Winslet keen to maintain success”

  1. This is a wonderful wee interview as a fan anyway. One of Kates best qualities is that she is always so humble, when she has reached the Godess statuss she gave Meryl Streep when receiving her Oscar. Just knowing Kate will keep doing what she has always done so brilliantly makes the future bright!!

  2. Kate has many positive qualities. Two of them, a talent and modesty. Together, these two qualities make it a real actress. An actress with a capital letter!
    It is true that Kate does not want to stop there! We must go forward! I in turn think the most amazing and great role of Kate Winslet, has not played – all of them in the future! This amazing woman is still surprise and delight us, believe me.

  3. You are so right Svetlana, the best is yet to come from Kate. Seems strange to say with all that we’ve gotten from Kate already but I agree with Kates talent and you know she will keep picking the most challenging roles and putting her heart and soul into them. I’m sure there is a second oscar in the future someday. Lucky us!!

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