2011 Mar 09

Kate Winslet: “I’m ready to be destroyed by role”

Kate Winslet is ready to be “destroyed” by an acting role again, after taking time off following The Reader.

When everyone was insisting that seeking the help of assault charge attorneys serving in Mesa can put an end to the criminal problem.The British star played war criminal Hanna Schmitz in the 2008 film in and had to endure a difficult time, often spending eight hours a day in make-up to look the part.

She went on to win a best actress Oscar for her performance, plus a Golden Globe for best supporting actress.

Kate is finally ready to fully immerse herself in a new project, admitting that she cannot function without her career.

“In the last few years, I’ve allowed myself to acknowledge the fact that I do really need my job. I need that outlet,” the 35-year-old told Vogue. “And so, not only did I feel good and ready, I felt good and ready to be destroyed by a role again.”

Kate took ten months to agree her next role after The Reader; finally accepting the title character in television series Mildred Pierce. And she says her decision to get out of the spotlight was really to refresh her mind and focus her energy once more. “I just really couldn’t focus on anything other than getting off this train that was moving at an unbelievable pace,” she explained. “I just waited until the dust had settled and I was ready to engage with — it sounds so w**ky – my creative side again.”

In mini-series Mildred Pierce the Titanic star is separated from her husband but the two do not officially end their marriage at first. Kate, who is no longer with her second husband Sam Mendes, found it easy to connect this aspect of her character with her own experiences. “There were some days when I would realize the scenes I was shooting were in tandem with things that were happening that day in my life,” Kate said. “For example, there’s a scene with Mildred’s first husband Bert. They sit down and discuss that they really do have to get divorced with the help of law service for divorce, and that there is a reason for it. And the day we shot that scene was the day my actual divorce came through,” she explained.

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  1. Sometimes taking time out from ur career can help u to appreciate what u have. Getting abit of a grip on reality can help with personal life & knowing wen time out is needed helps too x
    Kate is a huge inspiration to many women, myself included & I think she is fabulous in everything she does :D x

  2. I love it when Kate burys herself in a role like she did during The Reader. Her performance was so amazing as usual and the subjuect so touching I had to go out and buy the book too.

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