2010 Feb 22

Winslet treasures McQueen wedding dress

Titanic‘s Rose and Hollywood’s Kate has fond memories of the iconic fashion designer Alexander McQueen who committed suicide on the fateful day of 11th February, 2010. In fact, her wardrobe shall vouch for that.

Kate Winslet is now happily married to director Sam Mendes but the stunner had tied the knot in 1998 with her 1st husband Jim Threapleton. And it was McQueen who had been entrusted the responsibility of draping her beautiful frame with her 1st wedding gown. Though, the matrimonial alliance eventually ended with a divorce, it did bear some fruits in the form of a baby girl, Mia. And the Oscar winning actress cherishes the memories of the day she adorned herself with her 1st bridal outfit.

Recalling her association with the legendary Alexander, Kate tells the British morning show GMTV, “I got to know him quite well because he made my wedding dress when I married my daughter’s father.

I’m very proud that I still have that dress and have kept it very, very well because obviously it means so much more now.”

Like Kate Winslet, many other actresses too must be having their wardrobes retaining the memories of Alexander in the form of his creativity. May he rest in peace…

Source: Entertainment and Showbiz!