2010 Dec 11

The real reason for Kate Winslet’s split from Louis Dowler

She dumps model Louis after their romance gets too serious

He was the tonic Kate Winslet needed following her painful split from hubby Sam Mendes, so we were as shocked as anyone when news emerged that it was over with hunky boyfriend Louis Dowler after four months.

But Now can reveal the reason why they split and it’s not at all what we expected!

When Louis spoke to the Oscar-winning actress about their future, he mentioned he was keen to start a family, says our insider.

But with two gorgeous children — Mia, 10, and Joe, six — by two different men, Kate baulked at the 35-year-old male model’s suggestion and called time on the relationship.

“Kate was really happy with Louis,” a pal tells Now, “but his hopes for a family with her made her realize things were getting serious.

“She didn’t want to go down the route of Ulrika Jonsson, cruelly known as “4×4” for having four kids by four different men.

“Kate witnessed the treatment Ulrika went through and is reluctant to have three kids with three different dads.”

Kate, 35, met Louis at a party in July, soon after she announced the end of her marriage to Sam Mendes, 45.

She was the picture of happiness during their brief romance and he even met her parents Sally and Roger Winslet.

“Kate was also self-conscious about what she looked like on his arm. She’s more comfortable with an older man because they make her feel young and sexy.”

Source: Now Magazine

11 Comments on “The real reason for Kate Winslet’s split from Louis Dowler”

  1. Rubbish! No offence but I don’t believe any of these tabloid websites. According to gossip there are a million different reasons why they broke up but we’ll never know because Kate is a private person.

  2. Don’t know if this article is true or not..
    If it is.. Kate…seriously? you DON’T need an “older man” to make you feel “young and sexy” you’re in your 30s!!! you ARE young and really freakn’ sexy! Seriously you’re freakn’ stunning and i would kill to look like you..or even a tad bit like you!
    I can see how you would feel pressured about it actually working out and about the tabloids..but if you feel the relationship isn’t going anywhere or it will end then you did the right thing…but if that’s not how you felt and it was because you were scared then you obviously made a mistake:/…but as a fan i respect your decision and i will always be there for you no matter what kind of situation you’re in(: & I’m sure i’m not the only one who feels that way!

  3. As usual I agree with everything victoria has said regarding this and what must have been a very difficult time for you Kate. You dealt with this as you do everything brilliantlly and with such grace that only heighten my admiration for you if that was posssible. I am such a big fan and love too know all I can about you as you are such an inspiration to me and everyone but I did feel for you during this as the press seemed too intrusive in my opinion and should have respected your privacy more at this time. No problem to you though your such a trooper, Love you Kate like all your fans!!!

  4. I think especially of his two children who need all the love now.I know she is courageous.A French proverb says,after the rain always comes the good weather

  5. Kate can have any man and is one of the strongest people I can think of so its whatever makes her happy!!

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