2010 Feb 22

Kate Winslet Says Her Style Icon Is Meryl Streep

Kate so-loves the way Meryl remains so unaffected by her success.

The British actress is amazed by how impressive Meryl is on the red carpet, and how she manages to take awards nominations in her stride.

Meryl has been nominated for an Academy Award a record 16 times, and Kate loves the way she remains so unaffected by her success.

“Meryl Streep as an actress has always been an icon for me and for women of my generation as a whole, I think,” Kate said. “We all want to be Meryl. I sometimes feel like, ‘Thank God we have her!’ She hasn’t adjusted herself at all, she remains totally true to who she is. Angelina Jolie also does really well in red carpet situations, she underplays it. And she is stunningly beautiful, of course.”

Kate, 34, received the Best Actress Oscar for her role in 2008 film The Reader. She is still amazed she received the trophy, claiming that despite being nominated five times before she was totally unprepared to triumph.

“It was amazing and surprising as well. I wasn’t prepared for that,” she told British programme GMTV. “I had been in a position where I had been nominated and not won, but nothing can prepare you for when they say your name. The world goes into negative slow motion, you just think, ‘How am I going to stand up straight and not burst into tears?’ It’s hard – by the Academy Awards I’d learnt how to pull it off.”

Source: Musicrooms.net