2009 Feb 27

My Oscar? It’s going in the loo says Kate

KATE Winslet wants to make another film with her husband, Sam Mendes. Kate starred in Revolutionary Road with Leonardo DiCaprio, which was directed by Mendes, but she won her Academy Award for The Reader, directed by Stephen Daldry and backed by Harvey Weinstein’s Weinstein film company.

This led to some highly stressed situations for the 33-year-old actress because, initially, Revolutionary Road was to have had the field to itself.

But Weinstein took a gamble – some saw it as a masterstroke, others had other words I can’t print here to describe it – and decided to release The Reader this season.

‘I very much want to work with Sam again,’ Kate told me as I congratulated her on her success (see inset picture). ‘I had a great time before. But I’ll have to ensure that next time I don’t have two films coming out at the same time, competing with each other!’

She added that she would enjoy working with Daldry again, too.

As the actress sat with parents Roger and Sally at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, she worried (unduly, I think) about whether winning an Oscar would intimidate people she hopes to work with.

‘I hope it won’t change anything in how other directors and actors work with me,’ she said. ‘I mean, the Oscar’s going in the loo, next to Sam’s. I’m not taking it on a set. I’m just going to work the way I’ve always worked, which is just to get on with it.’ She also wondered how daughter Mia would react to seeing a clip of DiCaprio kissing her in Revolutionary Road. ‘It must have been so weird for her to see Mummy and Leo – who she’s known all her life – kissing.’

Back in New York, she was clear about a few things, particularly gowns. She told me she’d had it with them, and joked she was going to wear pyjamas for a year.

She said she and her family were planning a summer of ‘getting totally away from it all’ by renting a house in Italy, and visiting their regular holiday haunt in Cornwall.

After that, she said she’d think about going back before the cameras.

Source: The Daily Mail, Friday 27th February 2009

3 Comments on “My Oscar? It’s going in the loo says Kate”

  1. Hello!
    I’d like to comment on the fact that Kate’s speech on getting the Oscar was (UNINTENTIONALLY, I’m sure!!) misinterpreted in the French weekly magazine Paris Match. P.58 : they thought she was sort of taunting M.Streep, when actually she was doing EXACTLY the opposite & paying Meryl a well deserved tribute. They even (Paris Match) called her “a pitbull”!!!! SHAME on them!!!

  2. As much as I realize this amazing actor and her family need a break, I certainly am dismayed that we won’t be seeing her on the big screen any time soon. She has now spoiled us with all of her tremendous performances… I guess that old adage of, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder,” is actually true!

    WONDERFUL actor; well-deserved accolades; she has certainly earned a vacation!

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