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2010 Mar 10

New 2009 magazine scans

Added two scans from 2009 magazines.

From OK! Magazine (September 14 issue):

Kate Winslet has checked into this idyllic, all-inclusive property along Mexico’s popular Riviera Maya coast. The 76,640-square-foot spa — the largest in the region — is a true treasure. Treatments are influenced by local Mayan plants and folklore: Splurge on the Sacred Obsidian Stone Massage, which helps eliminate toxins and enhance metabolism.

• 2010 Magazines: Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Singapore
• 2009 Magazines: OK! Magazine – September 14 (thanks to Marcie)

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2010 Feb 27

Guy Pearce and Evan Rachel Wood join HBO’s “Mildred Pierce”

HBO’s planned five-hour miniseries remake of the classic film Mildred Pierce is off to a grand start. First, Kate Winslet signed on to star as the title character, taking over the role owned by Joan Crawford in the original 1945 picture, itself based on James M. Cain’s novel of the same name published in 1941. To direct, the network secured I’m Not There maker Todd Haynes. And now, the sure-to-be-Emmy-gold project has two more stars on board: the not-cast-enough Guy Pearce (Memento, The Hurt Locker) and Evan Rachel Wood (The Wrestler).

There’s no word yet as to which roles the two of them will play; the announcement came from Production Weekly’s Twitter yesterday. Chances are, Pearce will play Winslet’s unemployed husband, and Wood her go-getting oldest daughter Veda. The production will take place in New York from April to June.

Source: reelloop

2010 Feb 26

Mildred Pierce: the cast gets bigger!

Kate poses with Guy Pearce at the 2010 BAFTAs After Party The shooting for the Mildred Pierce HBO mini-series will begin on April 12 and end on June 1. In addition, Evan Rachel Wood and Guy Pearce are now officially part of the cast! Evan Rachel Wood will probably play Mildred’s youngest daughter. Chloë Sevigny is in talks to play Vera, the eldest daughter.

Source: Eternal-Kate.net

2010 Feb 26

Kate Winslet’s animal angst

Kate Winslet suffered recurring nightmares when she was younger after her pet hamster ate its babies.

The Oscar-winning actress has revealed how she was left suffering from repetitive nightmares as a child after her family refused to listen to veterinary advice and her furry pet killed its offspring.

She explained to Empire magazine: “When I was a kid, one of our hamsters suddenly gave birth – we didn’t even know she was pregnant. We phoned the pet shop and they said, ‘Take the babies away – hamsters get very frightened after they have given birth and you don’t want her to eat the babies.’

“We didn’t listen and that’s exactly what happened. This obviously affected me badly as I had a recurring dream about hamsters gobbling up their babies until I was about 15.”

Source: EarthTimes

2010 Feb 22

Kate Winslet keeps her Oscar in the bathroom

Kate Winslet’s Oscar is up for grabs – to anyone who visits her home.

Last year’s Best Actress winner, for The Reader, keeps her golden statuette in the bathroom so guests “can sneakily have a little [hold] and put it back down again,” she told the U.K. TV show GMTV on Monday.

Her reason for storing it there, she says, is “because basically everybody wants to touch it, everybody wants to hold it and go ‘Oh, my gosh,’ and ‘How heavy is it?’ So I figured if I put it [in there], then people can avoid the whole, ‘Where’s your Oscar?’ thing.”

Winslet, 34, also walked the red carpet at the annual BAFTA awards in London Sunday, and says she relishes the chance to dress up in award season.

“It’s great to wear lovely dresses and to just experience those moments of dress up, especially as a mum, because,” says the mother of two, “you get so few moments to feel good in your own skin and wear a lovely gown.

The 82nd Annual Academy Awards will be presented on Sunday, March 7, and televised live on ABC beginning at 5 p.m. PT/ 8 p.m. ET.

Source: People.com

2010 Feb 22

Kate Winslet Says Her Style Icon Is Meryl Streep

Kate so-loves the way Meryl remains so unaffected by her success.

The British actress is amazed by how impressive Meryl is on the red carpet, and how she manages to take awards nominations in her stride.

Meryl has been nominated for an Academy Award a record 16 times, and Kate loves the way she remains so unaffected by her success.

“Meryl Streep as an actress has always been an icon for me and for women of my generation as a whole, I think,” Kate said. “We all want to be Meryl. I sometimes feel like, ‘Thank God we have her!’ She hasn’t adjusted herself at all, she remains totally true to who she is. Angelina Jolie also does really well in red carpet situations, she underplays it. And she is stunningly beautiful, of course.”

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