2010 Mar 11

Kate Winslet’s salivating at the thought of judging on “Top Chef”

Padma Lakshmi’s pregnancy threw a wrench into “Top Chef” season seven plans. “We were supposed to shoot in January, but we pushed it to April 5 because of her baby,” Tom Colicchio said last night at the Bravo upfront party.

But perhaps their pregnant pause was for the best — especially since it gives Kate Winslet ample time to find time in her schedule to appear on the show! “I met Kate Winslet at a party the other night, and she said, ‘I want to come on the show,'” Tom told PopWrap. “So I said, ‘Kate, you’ve got an Oscar in your hands, you can do whatever you want!'”

Should the Emmy nominated show — which is headed to a brand new city for its seventh season — snag Kate, it will be the first Oscar winner, and arguably the most famous face, to belly up to Judges Table.

But Ms. Winslet has big shoes to fill, the last time Hollywood broke break with “Top Chef,” Natalie Portman delivered one of the most memorable meals in show history! “I was shocked at what actually made it on the air,” Tom said of the double entendre-tastic outing.

Source: New York Post