2011 Apr 09

Sneak peek: Evan Rachel Wood lashes out at Kate Winslet

Just because Evan Rachel Wood goes full frontal in the HBO miniseries Mildred Pierce, don’t start expecting to see some hot raunchy sex scenes to go along with it.

Why not?! Was showing off her naughty bits her limit?

Not exactly…

The entire series is seen through the eyes of Mildred, played by Kate Winslet, you see. So any of the assumed sexual relations between’s Wood’s character (Mildred’s opera singer daughter Veda) and her mom’s lover, Monty (played by Guy Pearce), have been left to our imaginations. Yes, Mildred’s lover has an affair with her own daughter.

“All you see is what she sees,” Mildred director Todd Haynes recently told me from New York City (The final two installments of the miniseries debut on Sunday). “So we don’t have access to those private sides of Veda and Monty.” Though we do see Winslet and Pearce going at it. “Mildred’s sexual life with Monty is startingly frank, complex and modern for what we think sexual lives for women might have been like during those years,” Haynes said.

Not that the full-frontal scene in which Veda walks across a room butt naked in front of her mother after being caught with Monty in bed together isn’t stirring enough. “I think it’s the most violent thing that occurs between Mildred and her daughter,” Haynes said.

This Depression-era story isn’t supposed to be filled with rainbows and unicorns. In one scene, Veda cuts Mildred down with a verbal assault that seethes with pure evil. “Evan takes it to the heights that it has to go to, which are unredeemable,” Haynes said. He added, “We’ve all been there. We’ve all just had to, like, spit it back out in our parents’ faces. When you doubt yourself, that’s the first person you go to loathe.”

Source: E! Online

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  1. I just caught Kate in one of her new advertisements on tv and WOW!! Those blonde pics from a while back are a different story on TV, STUN-ING!!!

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