2008 Nov 06

More and HQ-quality scans from Vanity Fair December issue

• 2008 Magazines: Vanity Fair – December

5 Comments on “More and HQ-quality scans from Vanity Fair December issue”

  1. absolutely stunning, just breathtaking. it pisses me off that some of the British tabloids want to say that the magazine has airbrushed Kate to look skinnier! I think she looks amazing, her natural, curvy self. i’m sure they probably did airbrush skin tone and such like all magazines do, but i don’t think we have a repeat of the GQ situation. Thanks for posting the scans!

  2. All tabloids are like that – I think we just have to ignore it. I love the pics, she is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Kate has been an inspiration to me since i was 12 years old, 12 years on she’s still the most beautiful actress iv’e ever seen and she’s still the same down to earth girl love it.

  4. She’s absolutely stunning and so inspiring!I’m so thankful for the scans.Kate is such a professionalist.I must say that Anne Leibovitz is a genius,too!

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