2011 Apr 08

Video: Inside “Mildred Pierce” Part 3

Here’s the HBO video with an interview with Mildred Pierce writer/director Todd Haynes talking about the miniseries’ Part 3:

2 Comments on “Video: Inside “Mildred Pierce” Part 3”

  1. Kate Winslet and Melissa Leo are the greatest! They should form a partnership. We already have a “Joan and Melissa Show”on television, so why can’t HBO produce a “Kate and Melissa Show.” The show would have to be rated TV-MA since both women are well known for using “language that woulf make a sailor blush.” They can even co-host the Oscars next year if ABC will pay for the physicians to monitor the hearts and blood pressure of its censors.

  2. Why are critics always commenting on Kate’s nude scenes in her films? Has she ever made a movie where she keeps her clothes on?

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