2011 Apr 14

Regarding the forums

I know some of you guys are missing the forums. However, I don’t have the time to moderate it.

So I’m looking for somebody who knows about forums and phpBB and is willing to be a moderator — a great and dedicated one.
That includes deleting spams and blocking spammers on a regular basis and much more.

If I do find someone who wants to be a moderator, I’ll bring it back.

Please send me an e-mail to .

7 Comments on “Regarding the forums”

  1. Would be great if someone could be a moderator. If not, is anyone who wants to discuss on Twitter?

  2. Hi sara if you want to chat about this on twitter i am am on mull.73, i dont mind taking the time for the forums but ive never done it before so im not sure what it involves

  3. I wouldn’t mind to be the moderator, but I don’t think I have the full knowledge to do it. I only know the basics… But if it is not too difficult to learn I’m sure it will be my pleasure to me the Moderator ;-)

  4. @Marta: It’s pretty easy to be a moderator. I’m waiting for a response from my host regarding a restore of the forums so that I can re-install it. Please send me an e-mail if you think you will be really committed to being the moderator.

  5. Roberta, it will be my pleasure to do it. I’m sure you will make many followers very happy ;)

  6. Forum is a good idea. This site is great, the forum – it’s the only thing lacking here. Forward guys, do it!

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