2011 Apr 02

Tomorrow is “Mildred Pierce”‘s day! Share your thoughts in the comments!

Hello my dear fellow fans,

How are you guys liking Mildred Pierce so far? What are you thinking of Kate’s performance? I, myself, must say, having seen the original movie and using our fellow Kate fan, Will Heveland’s words: Kate blows Joan Crawford out of the water!

Please discuss your thoughts of the first two parts in the comments! :)

8 Comments on “Tomorrow is “Mildred Pierce”‘s day! Share your thoughts in the comments!”

  1. I agree Kate just blows everyone away. Especially that episode 2 was just so well played. Must have been so difficult and emotional.

  2. I’ve been loving it. I didn’t normally get HBO. But after seeing all the pictures and clips on here over winter I was kinda getting pumped up and I couldn’t wait for the DVD or wait until it was available on regular TV. I decided to get HBO for the month. I’m so glad I did. I too have seen the original. Ironically it was shown on TCM (Turner Classic Movie) I believe a few days before Kate’s version. Although I’ll say Joan Crawford is a talented actress in the movie she doesn’t use the expressions Kate uses in it. Kate really “blows her out of the water”. It seems like the way Kate uses her body and facial expressions she can say alot to the audience with out speaking as much. She not only makes you feel that she’s really there but you, the audience as well. With what I’ve watched so far I think this project is going to do very well. I hope you all get to watch it and I think you’ll be very pleased. Will

  3. I love how Kate balances her work and family life so well by taking time off to spend quality time with her kids, but during that time off I am just dying to see her in a new production! And I’m absolutely loving Mildred Pierce so far. She is simply amazing in it! The part where her and Bert are settling on a cause for their divorce had me crying because her acting was just so sincere and beautiful. Every bit is fantastic; can’t wait for the next 3 episodes, and Emmy time next year! :)

  4. I think that Kate is absolutely amazing in this – I had been looking forward to it since the moment I first saw the commercials for it and I can’t wait to see the rest of it. I think the most powerful scenes were of course the end of the second part and the scene where Mildred and Bert were talking about getting a divorce. She just showed so much emotion during that scene and it was realistic. Some parts were funny and cute too like when Mildred first started working as a waitress. This is such a great story and the characters have so much depth and the imagery at the beginning was amazing – specifically at the beginning where Mildred is mostly seen through windows and reflections. I have to say that I was laughing at the scene where she spanked Veda – I don’t know why I found it to be funny – she was too big to be spanked but at the same time so deserved it.

    I can’t wait to see the rest of it!

  5. I echo everything thats been said on this thread.
    I have just seen the third part and wow, Kate is really amazing in that as well. Those scenes with Veda gives you so much emotions!
    How I wish that Mildred would handle it differently! Must give the girl that plays Veda some credit as well.
    Kate is in every scene :) I really enjoy this.

  6. I’m thrilled! Kate plays the role just phenomenal!
    There are no words to describe the feelings that feel, looking at her work on screen. After each of her movies, I’m very impressed. “Mildred Pierce” is no exception. As always, heartfelt, clean, moderate emotional game. Bravo Kate!
    “Mildred Pierce” like every movie with Kate, adding to my gold collection. I think every fan of Kate is looking forward to new projects with its participation. So, “Mildred Pierce” will not disappoint you!

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