2011 Apr 15

Screen captures: “Titanic” HD

This update goes out especially to the Titanic addicts! :)

Added 1,249 HD screen captures of the film:

• Film Productions > Titanic: Screen Captures – Blu-ray

9 Comments on “Screen captures: “Titanic” HD”

  1. OHH!!! Roberta, how did you get these? I’m getting teary eyed, I think, just beautiful, just beautiful. Thank you!!

  2. Your the best Roberta, we all apperiaciate all your work for thie site. These images are so clear as well, brilliant work. Thank you they are treasures.

  3. You succeed very well and although it isn’t said enough we all know you must kill yourself, watching google alerts, updates and the other countless things you must do to keep Kates site running so brilliantly. I wish there was a way to help and of course you know we are here if you need us. But you are keeping this fan site No 1, Well Done Roberta!

  4. @niallm: Thank you so much, hun! If you want to help, you can contribute with money via PayPal or snail mail. Any amount makes a difference. ;)

  5. wow!.. i’m one of the fans of kate that is very adicct in TITANIC.. almost everyday i’m watching….heheheh :D

  6. I agree with niallm, this is a very nice site! My favorite fan site Kate!
    Roberta, thanks for everything you do for us – fans of the most stunning actress in the world.
    KWF has no competitors)

  7. Just to remember it was 99 yrs ago today 1500 these poor innocents lost their lives. Please God they are all in a happy place now!!

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