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Added more Mildred Pierce promotional stills and photoshoot pics to the gallery:

• Mildred Pierce: Promotional Stills
• Mildred Pierce: On the Set Photoshoot

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Kate returns to New York to attend the premiere of Mildred Pierce, Monday, March 21:

• Candids: Kate returns to New York – March 21, 2011

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Kate Winslet looked white hot as she arrived at the Cardboard Citizens Gala Fundraising Dinner on March 19 in London, England.

The 35-year-old actress literally donated the clothes off her back — the Max Chaoul dress that she wore to the event was one of the auction lots!

We loved Winslet’s elegant updo which showed off her gorgeous diamond earrings. Accessories were minimal: the actress with a zero-plastic-surgery policy only added black Roger Vivier peep-toe pumps to match her ribbon belt.

Can you believe that back in 2008 the Titanic star auctioned off her Vivienne Westwood dress for the same charity for a whopping $40,000!?

• Other Apperances: Cardboard Citizens Gala Fundraising Dinner

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IT IS ALMOST NIGH. The Todd Haynes-helmed adaptation of James M. Cain’s 1941 novel is set to debut on HBO a week from Sunday. Are you excited? Sort of? Don’t know who the heck this Mildred Pierce is or why you should give her five hours of your life? Well, let me tell you. Here are five reasons that you should watch Mildred Pierce.

1. The Source Material

In the “Making Of” featurette on HBO’s website, director Todd Haynes relates how he picked up James M. Cain’s sprawling novel soon after the stock market crashed, and that the parallels to the Depression-era melodrama were immediately apparent. The story revolves around the fraught relationship of a mother and daughter, and is thick with intrigue, betrayal, and a kind of sexuality shocking for the time. The HBO treatment promises that there won’t be any post-war sugarcoating. We’ll get the meaty story in its entirety.

2. The Cast

The cast, yo! Kate Winslet is Mildred, whom she describes as a “juggernaut of a woman”. Awesome. Guy Pearce plays her lover Monty Beragon, and Evan Rachel Wood is perfectly cast as the cold, calculating, harpy daughter, Veda. And Melissa Leo, she of rambling Oscar speeches and professional crazy, joins the party as Concerned Friend #1.

3. Kate Winslet Convinced Evan Rachel Wood To Get Naked For The Show

It’s exactly what it sounds like. For the TL;DR crowd: Evan Rachel Wood was a tidge nervous, and Kate Winslet essentially sat her down and said “Listen, I’ve been naked on camera eight-million times. It’s like a club.”

4. Kate Winslet Is In Every Damn Scene

Are you thinking about taking acting lessons? Don’t do it, it’s expensive. Just watch Mildred Pierce. Kate Winslet, who looks pleasantly like a real woman who has lived and aged and eaten things that are meat, is in every friggin’ scene. Considering that shooting schedules are generally twelve hour days every day, this is kind of like running a marathon, except the marathon lasts the amount of time it takes to shoot a five hour miniseries. In the words of costume designer Ann Roth, “She had sixty-six [costume] changes in this. That’s more than a person can deal with.”

5. The Lead Characters Are Both Women

Strong women! Strong, well-written women! Mildred and Veda are like two sides of a self-possessed coin. Mildred is a self-made woman with a weakness for the people she loves. Veda has little love for anyone, but her charisma has its own gravitational pull. Men are ancillary in this story, a big-budget HBO-stravaganza, and that is refreshing.

Dem’s five reasons to watch this series. One for every hour!

Source: Ology

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Roman Polanski will be unable to celebrate the launch of his latest movie Carnage in Hollywood for the obvious reasons.

He left the U.S. 33 years ago to avoid jail and has lived in France ever since.

But, Kate Winslet, who stars in his screen version of Yasmina Reza’s play, raised a glass to Polanski in his adopted home of Paris as they celebrated an end-of-filming party.

The 35-year-old actress was joined at Le Reservoir club by Jodie Foster, Christoph Waltz and John C. Reilly.

Edit: Replaced the old pictures with bigger ones and added 10 more pics.

• Other Apperances: Carnage Wrap Up Party

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Thanks to Philip, we now have a brand new photoshoot taken on the set of Mildred Pierce!

Check out the pics:

• Mildred Pierce: On the Set Photoshoot

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Enjoy the gorgeous photoshoot Kate did for Vogue UK April issue!

• Photoshoots: Set #005

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Here are scans of the latest issue of Vogue UK which features Kate sporting a brand new hairdo:

Thanks to Poeiti for the scans!

• Magazines: Vogue UK – April 2011