2011 Apr 24

Kate talks about her career on YouTube

Kate posted a video, just yesterday, on YouTube in which she explains what pleases her so much in her actress’ job. It concludes by saying that she doesn’t know what she would have done had she not become actress, because the three things which she knows how to do in life are to act, to take care of her children and to cook.

6 Comments on “Kate talks about her career on YouTube”

  1. I am very pleased that Kate loves her job! She says she does not know what would become, if not an actress, and I do not know what would become of me if it was not Kate.
    This is a very great pleasure for me to see her work on screen.

  2. The world is very fortunate you became an actress for all you give it and your profession. The difference you have made in everyones life through everthing you do and your perforamces is amazing.

  3. Oh Kate, how I wish many actors are like you, simple, motherly, yet grand. You’re one of the best actors of all time and what really surprises me is that you don’t know how talented you are. Bless you and your family. Can’t wait to watch Titanic in 3D.xxx

  4. Dear Kate, i think to know why you are an actress.Is for your eyes.When i look in your eyes i can admire the universe and all the stars most brilliant.I can feel the silence of snow in the forest.I can watch the fire of a diamond .I can look the smile of a Botticelli’s Madonna.
    And this is the poetry of life.Thank you only, really Rose of England

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