2011 Apr 02

Nude Winslet “Titanic” sketch to sell at auction

The illustration of Winslet reclining on a sofa and wearing nothing but a diamond necklace is sketched by Leonardo DiCaprio’s artist character Jack Dawson in the 1997 epic film.

The movie’s director James Cameron was actually responsible for the drawing, which features the initials of DiCaprio’s character and the date April 14, 1912 — the day before the Titanic sank.

Cameron’s artwork is expected to be the star lot at Premiere Props’ memorabilia auction on Saturday and Sunday (02-03 April, 2011).

A spokesperson for the firm says, “This is a wonderful piece of memorabilia (from) one the biggest grossing films of all time.”

Source: Hollywood.com

6 Comments on “Nude Winslet “Titanic” sketch to sell at auction”

  1. I heard it went for £10,000. Worth every penny in my opinion, who ever bought this beautiful treasure is a very wise and lucky, lucky man!!!!

  2. Lucky one who bought this masterpiece – it’s a legend!
    I love Kate, I love this movie! This movie will live forever. I’m sure that even our grandchildren will watch it. It is hard to find a monumental film project. Personally, I can compare the “Titanic” except for “Avatar. ” James Cameron directed by the most eminent of our time, and by this I am ready to sign!

  3. Your so right Svetlana “Titanic” was the best movie for me as well. The magic Kate and Leo produced on screen made it so special. It will never happen again!!

  4. la pelicula mas taquillera de todos los tiempos. esencial, fenomenal y lo mas maravilloso de la paelicula es la autenticidad de los personajes… mas que todo de kate winslet… titanic simplemente la mejor pelicula.

  5. the highest grossing film of all time. essentially phenomenal and most wonderful paelicula the authenticity of the characters … more than all of Kate Winslet … simply the best movie Titanic.

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