2010 Apr 14

Marin Ireland draws maid service for “Mildred Pierce”

Having served as maid — and romantic rival — for Strindberg’s Miss Julie this season in Patrick Marber’s update for Broadway (After Miss Julie), Marin Ireland has signed up for another stretch of servitude, picking up after Mildred Pierce in a five-hour HBO miniseries that allows the Oscared Kate Winslet to take a whack at the long-suffering mother role that won Joan Crawford her little gold man.

“No, I’m not Veda,” she hastened to add. “Evan Rachel Wood is playing Veda so that will be exciting. I’m playing Lottie, who’s their maid-slash-assistant baker.”

It was news to her that her role was played by the daft and squeaky Butterfly McQueen (“Prissy” in Gone With the Wind), but she bounced back with panache: “I play very against type all the time so I feel this is sorta in keeping with my policy.”

Guy Pearce, Mare Winningham, James LeGros and Brian F. O’Byrne co-star in the roles originated by Zachary Scott, Eve Arden, Jack Carson and Bruce Bennett in the 1945 flick. Arden and Ann Blyth (as the problematic Veda) earned their only Oscar nominations here, supporting La Crawford. Blyth soon evolved into sweeter roles.

The miniseries remake is being directed by Todd Haynes (Far From Heaven).

Source: Playblog