2010 Mar 18

Kate Winslet reportedly moving back to the UK

Following the shock news of her split from husband Sam Mendes, reports are circulating that Kate Winslet may move back to the UK.

“The people she’s close to in New York are mums in schools but she thinks that will all change and her real friends — Emma Thompson, her sister Anna and her parents — are all over here,” a source tells the Daily Mail.

“Kate feels she needs a support system, but she is torn because doesn’t want to disrupt her kids and is able to be very low key in New York.” The Oscar-winner has lived in the Big Apple with her two children and husband Sam for seven years.

Meanwhile, as reports suggest Kate had become “frustrated” about the relationship between her husband and actress Rebecca Hall, a source close to Sam insists there was nothing but friendship between them.

“Sam and Rebecca are good friends, of course they are, they have spent the better part of a year working together on the Bridge Project. But to insinuate that there is anything further in the friendship is taking it too far.”

Source: Yahoo! News UK

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  1. I removed the chatbox ’cause there were some people spamming it with messages in Egyptian and shit like that. I might add it back again soon though if you guys miss it.

  2. Lets hope kate realises that she was obviously just too good for him !! He is a man just a man and most of them are just selfish to the core. She is beautiful and successfull and dosnt need second best
    I hope the next woman he meets dumps him quickly and then sells her story as that is what men like him deserve.
    Same goes for the Jessa James , Tigers and Terrys and Ashleys of this world !!
    The sooner women realise that the majority of men in this world are only interested in what they want not what the woman or children in their lives want. They all seem to think they are gods gift to the planet and womankind but I think its time for women to make them realise they are actually quite pathetic !

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