2009 Feb 06

Could Kate be her own worst enemy in Bafta battle?

KATE Winslet’s biggest threat to picking up an award at the Baftas this weekend may be… herself.

Bafta voters have split Kate’s vote in the best actress category of the awards being revealed on Sunday night  -  which could result in her cancelling herself out of a trophy spot.

The British star has been nominated twice: nice, but not necessarily helpful when it comes to getting her hands on one of the gongs.

(It’s worth pointing out, though, that Scarlett Johansson was once in a similar position  -  nominated for both Lost In Translation and Girl With A Pearl Earring  -  and did win the Bafta, for the former film, so maybe Kate will pull it off!)

Kate has been recognised in the leading actress category for her acclaimed performances in The Reader, directed by Stephen Daldry, and Revolutionary Road, made by her husband Sam Mendes.

This could see her ending up with more total votes  -  spread between her two films  -  than her competitors, but not enough to win outright against rivals Meryl Streep, Kristin Scott Thomas and Angelina Jolie.

At least it will bring some element of surprise to Sunday’s show.

Will Kate prevail and win the big one? Or will scoring two nominations work against her? A lot of folk would like to see her win, despite the bafflingly spiteful backlash she’s suffered recently.

Whatever happens, one sure thing is that the Orange Baftas will be a circus on Sunday.

Source: Daily Mail, Friday 6th February 2009

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  1. Thank you for posting that. I actually never thought of it that way :( I hope she will get it anyway

  2. Thanks for posting.
    That’s a good question… with much nominations, it’s more difficult to choose. Let’s hope she gets it though ;)

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