2011 Mar 03

Kate Winslet on Melissa Leo’s Oscar F-Bomb: “That’s my kind of cool.”

In an exclusive interview with Zap2it, Kate Winslet says, rather colorfully, that she understands and appreciates why Melissa Leo dropped the first ever F bomb at the Academy Awards.

On Tuesday’s (Mar. 1) “Ellen” show, Leo reflected on her colorful acceptance speech. “It’s part of my vernacular, part of my upbringing,” Leo says. “I do respect that there are people who do not appreciate it.”

Leo added that she was thinking of Winslet, whom she says, “is delightful and curses like a sailor all the time.”

Winslet, in Paris filming Carnage, laughs at the characterization.

“Everyone dumps all this s*** on me, all the f***ing time,” Winslet tells Zap2it. “She is right though. She is absolutely right. I have got to hand it to her — and she did curse on the stage of the Academy Awards. That’s my kind of cool.”

The six-time Oscar nominee (she won best actress in 2009 for The Reader) also shares what she texted Leo on Sunday night.

“I sent her a text message: ‘Is that f***ing you, Melissa? You motherf**ing cow.'” Winslet quotes herself. “And the b**** hasn’t called me back!”

Leo and Winslet star in HBO’s upcoming Mildred Pierce a five-and-a-half hour miniseries, based on James M. Cain’s novel about a complicated woman during the Depression.

“I didn’t get to say f*** in this g******ed f***ing thing,” she says of the miniseries.

The cameras caught enough of Winslet cursing that they made an outtake reel of her doing nothing but. Once, she let lose with “s***” in front of the girl who plays her daughter, Veda, as a child. “And the little one said, ‘Language.'”

For the record, Winslet swears she doesn’t swear in front of her own children, Mia, 10, and Joe, 7.

Source: Zap2it

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