2011 Mar 03

Gallery: “Le Petit Salon Des Jeunes Créateurs” cocktail

Kate Winslet’s classic black dress matched her backdrop at an event at Hotel Crillon in Paris last night, March 2. She’s in France to shoot her latest project, Roman Polanski’s Carnage.

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11 Comments on “Gallery: “Le Petit Salon Des Jeunes Créateurs” cocktail”

  1. Kate you are looking stunning as always, love the black dress its very like the longimes one from last year. Your looking so beautiful.

  2. Wow !!!!!! Elegant. Sexy. Feminine. Beautiful.
    Waiting for ‘God of Carnage “. From the look)

  3. @lizzie She gained some weight! You can tell because her face is fuller, thus fuller boobs. :)

  4. @emma
    thank you for that information!
    She looks great this way. She shouldn’t loose weight anymore!

  5. @Tay
    yes you are right. Maybe she hurt herself while filming. I don’t think that it’s the position of the photographer

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