2007 Feb 23

Kate is still playing the housewife in L.A.

Kate Winslet has turned her Oscar week into a family affair by bringing husband Sam Mendes and their young children Mia and Joe along for the ride.

“It’s half-term for my kids, so it made sense to turn the Oscars into a family holiday”, she told me. “We’ve been swimming and done lots of visits to places the kids loved.”

“Sam has babysat while I’ve tried on my frock and sorted out what I’m going to wear on the night”, added Kate, who’s been nominated for a record fifth time for her role as a bored and restless housewife in Little Children.

Kate wouldn’t give away any details about what she’ll wear, but I have learned the odd little thing — mostly about what she’s not doing.

She’s not going with her favorite designer Ben De Lisi (because he’d already created her dress for the BAFTAs). And her dress won’t be black. Apparently, it’s a “shade one doesn’t usually see on the red carpet”.

“Wait and see”, Kate said mysteriously.

The actress told me she’d been surprised to be nominated. “It’s such a small, independent film, and frankly, I didn’t think any Academy members would notice it”, she said.

All the Academy voters I spoke to this week mentioned a particular scene in the film where Kate, who is having an affair with a neighbor, attends a housewives’ book club and has to remain inscrutable as she and the other women discuss Flaubert’s Madame Bovary and his heroine’s adulterous entanglements.

I noted those scenes myself and believe them to be quite extraordinary.

Source: Daily Mail

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