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1998 interviews!

I’ve added 7 videos of interviews from 1998. There are more to come!

• Interviews: NBC Morning – 1998
• Interviews: Film 98 with Barry Norman – 1998
• Interviews: The Rosie O’Donnell Show – January 13, 1998
• Interviews: Oprah – January 20, 1998
• Interviews: The Tonight Show – January 20, 1998
• Interviews: The Late Show with David Letterman – February 26, 1998
• Interviews: The Clive James Show – March 8, 1998

16 Comments on “1998 interviews!

  1. these are fabulous! ^ yep, i’ve been dying to see them for a while too! priceless 8) thanks for posting!!

  2. The Oprah clip is amazing! Can you post the whole thing? I would love to see the whole show!

  3. OMG. I remember watching Kate on Oprah with my mum way back in 1998! Thanks SO MUCH for sharing these videos with us!

  4. Thanks a lot for all the comments! I really do appreciate them very very much!
    About the Oprah interview, I only have it taped until where it stops, so I believe the interview ends there.

  5. Oh my what lovely classic Kate treats! Almost everything was new for me except Oprah, and it brought back fond memories of when I first took an adoration of Kate way back then! Thank you so much

  6. For some reason i cant watch them… i really want to though.. they all seem really good!

  7. I am incredibly thankful you posted these, especially the Oprah one! She was so funny at Leno, about sticking her nose up someone’s bottom, it cracked me up! love her! Thank you!

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