2007 Mar 09

Winslet wins damages over diet story

British actress Kate Winslet, an outspoken critic of what she sees as Hollywood’s obsession with being skinny, has won a public apology and undisclosed libel damages from a magazine that reported she visited a diet doctor.

Winslet’s lawyer, Rachel Atkins, told the High Court in London on Friday that the article in Grazia magazine was wrong.

The weekly glossy, published by Britain’s Emap Plc, had reported that Winslet discussed treatments at the Chinese Healing Institute in California.

Atkins said Winslet did receive treatment from a doctor there, but it was for a neck injury and not for weight.

Winslet immediately complained to the magazine, saying that the article suggested “she had lied to the public when she had said that she refused to bow to pressure to be skinny and celebrated her curves”.

“Grazia magazine have apologized to me in full, and admitted that their story was incorrect, which gives me tremendous peace of mind”, the Oscar-nominated star said in a statement released by her solicitors.

“I feel very strongly that ‘curves’ are natural, womanly and real. I shall continue to hope that women are able to believe in themselves for who they are inside, and not feel under such incredible pressure to be unnaturally thin.”

Winslet will donate the settlement to an eating disorder charity, and the publishers will also pay her legal costs.

The 31-year-old said last year she refused to have magazines in her home because she was worried about her young daughter Mia reading them.

Outside Hollywood, pressure has been growing on the fashion world to promote a healthier look, with critics calling for a ban on ultra-skinny models.

Source: Yahoo! News

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  1. i do also agree with the others
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  2. Also Great that she donated it to a eating disorder charity I,m from Holland btw but i,m working on my english:P

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