2008 Mar 02

News on “The Reader” filming

Yesterday, 8:10AM, airport Tegel (Berlin). The arrival of the Hollywood star Kate Winslet (32) with the Continental – machine from New York. Outfit: black hat, no make – up, black glasses, brown tweed coat, flat light brown boots. At the exit of the gate she offers some autographs to an autograph hunter and two excited airport employees. After that the entourage of the British actress collected the luggage from the baggage conveyor. Kate Winslet gets into a black Mercedes R – class car and then she proceeds driving to the direction of the German – Polish border.

The young star David Kross collapsed hadn’t have something to do with the script just as little as the pregnancy of Hollywood diva Nicole Kidman. Though, David Kross goes on with filming, two fisted (> That’s a reference to one of his films because that’s the exact German title to this). Nevertheless the production schedule of the filming of Bernhard Schlinks bestseller “The Reader” delays more and more. Even the film premiere is going to get into toubles.

Sources: Welt.de and Morgenpost.de

Thanks to fan Anabel for sending in this news!

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  1. Sorry, just had to make a note on my translation:

    She wore a GLASS, no sunglass ;) Mistake by me ;)

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