2007 May 14

Kate Winslet donates libel cash to eating disorder charity

An eating disorder charity has spoken of its delight after receiving a cash donation from actress Kate Winslet.

The Hollywood star has given about £3,000 of her libel damages to Norfolk-based ‘beat’.

Miss Winslet had taken High Court action against Grazia magazine over claims she had visited a diet doctor. She was awarded an undisclosed sum in damages in March.

Mary George, of beat, said: “Kate said at the time that she would donate her winnings to an eating disorder charity and that is what she has done.”

“I think she was inundated by charities asking for help.”

“We were informed last week the money would be split between three eating disorder charities and we were thrilled to be one of them.”

Miss Winslet, who has appeared in films such as Titanic, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind and Heavenly Creatures, has been outspoken against the pressures on young women to diet.

Ms George said: “She is a very good role model and this is a very thoughtful way of highlighting the issue.”

Beat, formerly known as the Eating Disorders Association, offers support to people with dieting problems.

Source: u.tv

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