2012 Jan 11

Winslet kept hilarious “Sense And Sensibility” film journal

The Titanic star landed her big break in the movie and she chronicled her time on the set with co-stars Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman in a diary.

Rickman tells the New York Times, “Kate wrote a book about the film and there are some quotes in there about Ang’s occasionally lose grasp of English. We’d get notes that left you kind of staring.

“I remember he said to Emma once, ‘Emma, try not to look so old’. That was a little shattering for her but she knew to translate that as ‘don’t be so knowing’. Mine was, ‘Alan, be more subtle, do more’, which we worked out that he meant do more of the subtle stuff.”

But Winslet had it harder than most on the set. Her co-star recalls, “Kate was only 19 at the time and he said, ‘Kate, never mind, you’ll get better’.”

Source: Hollywood

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