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New 2009 magazine scans

Added two scans from 2009 magazines.

From OK! Magazine (September 14 issue):

Kate Winslet has checked into this idyllic, all-inclusive property along Mexico’s popular Riviera Maya coast. The 76,640-square-foot spa — the largest in the region — is a true treasure. Treatments are influenced by local Mayan plants and folklore: Splurge on the Sacred Obsidian Stone Massage, which helps eliminate toxins and enhance metabolism.

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• 2009 Magazines: OK! Magazine – September 14 (thanks to Marcie)

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TIME Cover: Best Actress – Why It’s Kate Winslet

Best Actress – Why it’s Kate Winslet
By Mark Harris

It’s 11 days before the Academy Awards, and Kate Winslet is giving her third best performance of the year. The occasion is a lunch at New York City’s Oak Room at which 100 or so invited guests have gathered to honor her performance in Stephen Daldry’s The Reader. This particular publicity event, orchestrated in the 26th mile of the Oscar marathon, has multiple purposes: it’s designed to entice any wavering voters in the few days before the last postmark lands on the last ballot. It’s also intended to defuse complaints that the movie’s treatment of the Holocaust is too manicured. Thus, Elie Wiesel has been drafted to host the meal, which would have been a masterly counterstroke of damage control for distributor Harvey Weinstein had Wiesel not bailed at the last minute to attend — oh, bitter irony of the red-carpet campaign trail! — a bris.

But above all, this midday fete is engineered to give the movie’s star one final turn in the spotlight. By the time Winslet arrives, she has already participated in several hours of diligent self-exposure that day, illuminating for both Larry King and the women of The View the complexities of pretending to have sex with Leonardo DiCaprio in the bleak marital drama Revolutionary Road while the film’s director, Sam Mendes — her husband — watched.

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