2009 May 10

Latest magazine scans!

• 2009 Magazines: Kino Park – February – Thanks to no-a
• 2009 Magazines: Grazia – February 3 – Thanks to no-a
• 2009 Magazines: Gloria – February 5 – Thanks to no-a
• 2009 Magazines: TV-Park – February 9-15 – Thanks to no-a
• 2009 Magazines: Rolling Stone – April 2 – Thanks to no-a
• 2009 Magazines: Flaire – April 2 – Thanks to Kelsey Solo

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  1. I can´t see them…all the gallery link is unavailable.. I don´t know if its my computer or the web :S

  2. I was disappointed to read in the article by Rolling Stone that The Reader and Revolutionary Road were flops (posted May 9th).Although I haven’t seen Revolutionary Road(wanted to) I did see The Reader.It was fabulous.
    When The Reader came out,I looked all over my area for it’s veiwing.It was at none of the theaters in my area.We found a small independant theature about 40 min. away in Binghamton NY.Binghamton is about 200miles from NYC. The small theater held about 35 people and it was full(with people sitting on the steps in the isle. I never had even knew of it’s existance until a search on the internet to find a theater that was showing The Reader.(It wasn’t in local newspapers) I loved the film and so did all that sat in the small theater. If it weren’t for that small independant theater, that I never knew existed, I would have not been able to see this fabulous film until it came out on dvd. The only reason I haven’t seen Revolutionary Road is because that too hasn’t been offered to our area. I will buy it when it comes in June. I think it was a shame two films like this were not made more avalible for viewers. I think that they would have done so much better. I have about a dozen of Kates films so far and most of them I didn’t see in theaters. I had to purchase them. I don’t feel that I’m that far away from society that I shouldn’t be able to find and veiw great films like this. Will

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