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    finally she sooooo soooo soooo deserved it!!! i screamed so loud when her name was called my roommate thinks im crazy haha i am crazy…for kate!!

  2. Academy Award Winner Kate Winslet. And she will win more oscars! Fasten your seatbelts, girls!

  3. My god I’m speechless! I’m too happy for her, for the hard work that she’ve done through the years, for her incredible talent and her genuinity!!! first of all she’s such a beautiful human being, so honestly, lovely, down-to-earth and REALLY IS one of the most brilliant actress of all time! She deserves that they recognize all this with the most prestigious award…and now finally happens! she always will be part of the cinema history! wow!

  4. it was very great news for me, i am happy now because i always expect this But now it is happened!!,i am also very happy for you, you won what you deserved many years ago.thank you for making us happy Kate, i Congratulation to you with all of my heart…

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