2007 Feb 05

Oprah + The Ellen DeGeneres Show videos

You can now download these two recent interviews from the videos page. Kate talks about Little Children on Oprah, and Ellen calls Kate to talk about the Oscars, however Mia answers the phone and Joe is there too — very very cute!

• Interviews: The Ellen DeGeneres Show – January 24, 2007
• Interviews: Oprah – January 30, 2007

I’ve also added more Kate quotes. :)

5 Comments on “Oprah + The Ellen DeGeneres Show videos”

  1. This is just the cutest thing ever! Thanx xo much for these two vids, i specialy love to ellen vid! thanx!

  2. I really don´t know what I would do without this site ´cause I searched everywhere for this video and couldn´t find it! So you made my day (the day I watched it…it´s some days ago already ;). It´s so cute.

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