2010 Apr 15

Kate Winslet narrates anti foie gras video

Kate Winslet has lent her voice to narrate a new video on the cruelty of foie gras.

“Foie gras is sold as an expensive delicacy in some restaurants and shops, but no one pays a higher price for foie gras than the ducks and geese who are abused and killed to make it,” Winslet says in a video for PETA.

“Please join us in helping ducks and geese by pledging never to eat foie gras.”

Foie gras is a delicacy produced by force feeding geese to a point where their livers swell tremendously, up to ten times their normal size.

As a result, the animals become sick and unable to move naturally.

The birds’ throats often bleed from the tubes placed in them for feeding and according to The Daily Latest News, the bodies of the birds who have died show heavy internal bleeding, fungal and bacterial infections and hepatic encephalopathy – a brain ailment caused by liver failure.

Winslet joins several other British celebrities who’ve spoken against the industry, including Sir Roger Moore.

Source: Vegetarian Star