2009 Jul 01

Sense and Sensibility DVD Featurettes videos

Here are the videos of the featurettes from the 2-disc French version of Sense and Sensibility:

• Sense and Sensibility: DVD Featurette: Adapting Austen
• Sense and Sensibility: DVD Featurette: A Sense of Character
• Sense and Sensibility: DVD Featurette: A Very Quiet Man

5 Comments on “Sense and Sensibility DVD Featurettes videos”

  1. Thanks so much for the S&S caps, some of them are truly priceless.
    And btw I’m sorry to say this but isn’t it time to change the layout? This one looks soo gloomy;[

  2. We Indians are eagerly awaiting another Titanic.I rate it as one of the top 10 english films like Sound of music.Why dont you act in a hindi film.I am sure Danny Boyle will come forward if you are willing. B y the way, beauty lies in the beholder , to me you are the most beautiful lady in the film world

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