2009 Sep 17

Kate Winslet to narrate documentary on autism

thesunshineboy Brit actress Kate Winslet is all set to narrate a new documentary about an Icelandic mother trying to come to terms with her son’s autism.

Winslet, 33, was compelled to agree to do the narration for director Fridrik Thor Fridriksson’s The Sunshine Boy after she watched footage that he had sent her. The film chronicles film producer Margret Dagmar Ericsdottir as she struggles to understand her severely autistic son Keli.

“I am delighted and honoured that Kate agreed to do the narration,” Contactmusic quoted her as saying. “Her contribution plays an instrumental role in increasing awareness for autism, which many claim is the world’s fastest-growing epidemic,” she added.

The Sunshine Boy is expected to receive rave reviews when it debuts as part of the Real to Reel section of the Toronto International Film Festival on September 12. The flick will feature musical contributions from Icelandic stars Björk and Sigur Ros.

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  1. Being such a wonderful mother, Kate Winslet is naturally sympathetic to cases of children who are plagued by any type of misfortune. Grateful that Mia and Joe are healthy and normal, she will be a very generous advocate of autism and do whatever she can to help those struggling with this syndrome. Bravo for Kate! She is my hero.

  2. I’ve recently worked with Kate on a movie. And within minutes she had almost brought me to tears. She was explaining to an actor what she was doing for autistic children. Pulling on my heart strings I was so joyous that she was doing something to help. Before getting involved with the movie industry I worked as an Occupational Therapy Assistant for a decade. I’ve worked with the most severe cases of Autism. Kate reminded me that these children can not be forgotten and that there is a rise in the amount of children developing Autism. So since then I’ve left my position at the makeup studio and returned to doing Occupational Therapy in NY. She mentioned that she was developing some type of fund raiser for Autism. I won’t go into specifics, but I know that I have time and talent to help.

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