2007 Feb 21

Kate Winslet Teams Up With Mendes For Circus Film

Actress Kate Winslet is teaming up with her Oscar-winning director husband Sam Mendes to work on a new movie.Winslet, who has been married to the American Beauty filmmaker for three years, has been interested in playing the role of 1920s circus tiger tamer Mabel Stark since 2003.

And now Mendes’ company, Neal Street Productions, has bought the rights to adapt a fictionalized life of Stark by author Robert Hough.

The couple’s spokeswoman Sara Keene says, “It’s a great story, they’ve had their eye on it for a while. If they can get the script right, it would make a great film.”

However, the pair will be keen to avoid the same fate as other husband-and-wife projects, like Guy Ritchie’s Swept Away starring Madonna, and Rachel Weisz’s role in The Fountain, directed by fiancé Darren Aronofsky — both of which were commercial failures.

Source: femalefirst.co.uk

4 Comments on “Kate Winslet Teams Up With Mendes For Circus Film”

  1. This is really greate! I’ve been waiting for them two to work on a film together. I hope it’s all going to happen!

  2. Matt Damon was talked to play with Kate in Revolutionary Road, based on the novel from Richard Yates, which is great, but not Mabel Stark. We don’t know yet about who would co-star her, but anyway nothing has been comfirmed!

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