2011 Mar 10

Kate Winslet goes platinum blonde

Actress Kate Winslet goes platinum blonde for Vogue’s UK April 2011 edition.

In the intimate interview and accompanying shoot by Mario Testino, Kate Winslet talks about being single and what’s next in her career and personal life.

In Solo Act tells Jo Ellison about starting again following her split from husband Sam Mendes.

She said: “It’s empowering…

“Experiencing those moments of being alone… is a very, very weird flooring and exposing position to be in when you’re just not used to it. And it’s not just being in a relationship.

“It’s also the fact that I grew up in a family full of people.”

Kate is currently filming Carnage where she plays Nancy in the comedy alongside Jodie Foster and John C. Reilly.

Source: thefancarpet

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