2007 Oct 18

Kate, Maggie and Kristin in the fashion world

The gorgeous actresses reflected the sophisticated appeal of the German fashion house’s Boss Black brand

Sitting pretty in the celebrity-packed front row at a New York fashion showing, three famous faces, Kate Winslet, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Kristin Davis, ticked all the boxes when it came to adding A-list cachet.

The occasion was an exclusive look at the 2008 creations for Boss Black, the most polished line produced by German fashion house Hugo Boss, and the actresses effortlessly reflected the brand’s appeal.

English Rose Kate represented the Hollywood leading lady contingent, while demonstrating how to do day-time chic in a thigh-skimming LBD.

Fellow yummy mummy Maggie, also a fashion icon after her sizzling Agent Provocateur campaign, was on hand to lend her indie actress cool.

And of course every Big Apple event really calls for the presence of one of the Sex And The City quartet to give it fashion cred, which Kristin Davis provided in spades.

Source: Hello Magazine

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  1. She looks great! I’m surprised coz she usually doesn’t go to events like that, but I’m glad she did. Love the outfit.

  2. she still looks absolutely great in a LBD. And good to see her with her good friend Julianne Moore… I’d love to see them working together…

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