2009 Jan 15

Kate Winslet – InStyle February 2009

kate-winslet-instyle-february-2009 Kate Winslet looks better than ever in Herve Leger on the February 2009 cover of InStyle. Here’s what the 33-year-old British beauty opened up about:

On not wanting plastic surgery: “I’m a normal human being. I don’t have any desire to change my body as a result of having had two kids. That’s a good thing, isn’t it?” (Oprah told Kate earlier this week: “God bless your real breasts.”

On how Hollywood has changed these past few years: “There is so much access to celebrity that it’s become harder to hold on to any mystery as an actress. The audience can have a fixed idea of you in their head.”

On not wanting to be referred to as a movie star: “I don’t feel like [one] in my life at all, and I don’t particularly think I behave like one. I don’t have my own plane. I don’t have a chef of a trainer. To me, you’re a movie star only during the time when you’re at the Academy Awards or at an important glamorous event. It’s very much a hat that you wear, and as soon as the event’s over, that hat comes off. I’m back to being me and being Mommy, and that’s my priority.”

On not having a natural impulse to pamper herself: “Literally, the one maybe celeb-y thing I do is the occasional facial. That is the only indulgent thing, where I just lie there and relax for an hour. You can’t answer the phone. You can’t get up and make soup. You’ve just got to lie there and have somebody make you feel nice.”

Source: Just Jared