2007 Oct 12

Happy Birthday, Mia!

Seven years ago…

Mia Honey Winslet Threapleton was born in England.
Happy birthday, Mia!!!

Just a note about Kate’s birthday project: I’ve been sent a confirmation that it was delivered and someone (I still have to get the name of the person) received it on October 10th. So, yeah, more chances of it reaching Kate!!!

12 Comments on “Happy Birthday, Mia!”

  1. Happy Birthday Mia!!! 7 years old!! What a little cutie. I hope the family has a great day today! P.S. Kate Winslet rocks!

  2. Where is the picture that is in the middle on the bottom row from? I don’t believe that I have ever seen it before? Is there a larger pic of it? Thanks!

  3. Mia is a cutie!! I love the middle picture in the top row. Kate looks extremely happy and Mia just looks like al ittle adorable baby.

  4. HAPPY BIRHTDAY MIA!! I hope that you will enjoy this day very much , and you will have a lot of presents ; – ) Be happy!!!!

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